Payroll Services for the Charlotte Area

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Carolina Paymasters is proud to offer payroll processing the Small Business
Community in and around Charlotte, NC.  

No matter how big or small you are, from a one person operation to a
multiple location 300 employee company, we can serve you!

With over 25 years of experience focusing on payroll and superior customer
service, we know payroll and what your company needs.
We're Different...        

Carolina Paymasters is not a national chain.  We focus on what, and who we
know, and thats you.  We work hard providing professional, customer focused
service every day.

Don't let our size fool you though, we offer all of the products you need: online
payroll processing, tax payments, direct deposit, we take care of your needs.  
Carolina Paymasters                                phone: 704-332-7502
1910 Abbott Street, Suite 203                  fax: 704-332-2007
Charlotte, NC 28202                                 email:
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